Axos Bank

I’ve been with Axos for over 12 years now. Not long ago, they were still going by the name, Bank of Internet. As you can imagine, I had a hard time convincing anyone I was using a legitimate bank that wasn’t going to somehow walk away with my money. In the last 12 years, I’ve only convinced 1 person to give them a shot. I think more people will come around to them now that their name is a little less suspicious. One thing to know right off the top is that they’re an online bank. They have no physical branches, but they have high yield savings and checking accounts, ATM reimbursements (use any ATM you want), a decent online interface, and great customer service. The one question people always ask me, is how I deal with cash. Personally I only wind up with excess cash when I sell things on craigslist and I’m usually not selling stuff worth much more than a few hundred dollars. In that case, I usually use that cash instead of my debit/credit card for everyday purchases. The few times I’ve been inconvenienced by not having a physical branch I can use, pale in comparison to the fact that I’ve never paid any banking fees in the last 12 years and earn a more noticeable amount of interest than any other bank I’ve used in the past. Check them out here.